Creating Value.
Driving Performance.

Alconsult International (“Alberta Consulting”)
is a multi-disciplinary consultancy based in
Calgary, Canada that provides a wide range of advisory, management and technical services
to the international and North American oil, gas
and energy industries.


Combining engineering and geosciences backgrounds with extensive operations and business experience, Alconsult offers integrated technical, operations and project management services to assist companies in
strategy development and implementation.


Customized and
Integrated Solutions.

Alconsult is organized to provide high quality,
cost effective services, working either as a
multi-disciplinary project team or on a specialized, single discipline basis.


We provide teams to undertake project work, special studies and services to industry clients. Our teams are flexibly organized, optimal for each project and best suited to the needs and resources of our clients.


We provide advisory and project support for start-ups, new ventures and transitional or turnaround situations.


We deliver integrated and unique technical
and business evaluations.


We utilize an extensive network of highly experienced, professional Associates. These industry experts extend our services with additional capabilities provided to clients as required.



Collaborative Success.
Sharing Expertise.

Alconsult is dedicated to the success of our clients and our philosophy is deeply rooted in collaboration. Our diverse and highly committed Principals and Associates are eager to share
our collective knowledge and expertise.


Respond to client needs.


Collaborate with client technical staff
and management.


Ensure communication and alignment.


Offer the benefits of our relationships and contacts in the oil industry and business community through Associates and Alliance Partners.


Complement existing client resources.


Assist clients to develop value-add capabilities internal to their organizations by sharing
our expertise and solutions.