Since 1986, Alconsult’s experienced, focused, and effective technical professionals have offered extensive delivery of integrated multi-disciplinary consulting
on a project basis.


Our professional services include geology, geophysics and engineering interpretation, as well as operations and project management services.
Specialist services in geosciences and engineering are also available.

A Range of Projects and Clients

Oil, Natural Gas, Extractive Resources
Conventional / Non-Conventional Plays
E&P Projects

Production, Development, Appraisal,

Exploitation, Exploration

Offshore and Onshore

Technology Application Assessment
Policy Development Support
Information and Decision Support

Public and Private Corporations
Owners of Subsurface Mineral Rights
Private Equity Firms
Government Regulatory Agencies
Government Organizations
First Nations
Non-Government Organizations
Other Industry Stakeholders

Corporate development
& advisory


Identify and Qualify Opportunities

Analyze Investments

Match Investors and Projects


Recommend Strategies for Success


Advise Regarding Asset Acquisitions
and New Country or Basin Entry 

Evaluate Acquisitions and Divestitures,

Companies and Properties

Perform Due Diligence on Transactions

Manage Reserves Assessments

Prepare Economic Evaluations


Research, Design and Analyze Field Operations for Optimization


Perform Independent 3rd Party Reviews,

Peer Reviews, and Operations Audits

Provide Competent Persons Reports

& Services


Manage Geological, Geophysical,

and Engineering (GG&E) Activities,

Projects, and Operations


Operate Assets on a Contractual Basis

Manage Field Operations


Support Budgeting and Planning Activities

Prepare Capital Investment Programs


Implement Geosciences Programs

Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry


Basin Studies

Development, Appraisal and 

Exploration Programs

Seismic Survey Acquisition:

Planning, Design, Operations

Seismic Data Processing, 

Analysis and Interpretation

Prospect Generation and Evaluation

Opportunity Portfolio Characterization

and Analysis: Risk, Size-of-Prize, etc


Implement Engineering Programs

Reservoir Management

Reservoir Analysis

Production Performance Studies 

Depletion Studies

Recovery Forecasts

Reserves Assessment

Enhanced Recovery Assessment

Production and Well Engineering

Drilling and Completions

Production Facilities Design 

and Optimization


Provide Geomatics, GIS, Mapping

and Data Analytics Support